Whiskey barrel aged coffee
Whiskey barrel aged coffee

Whiskey barrel aged coffee

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We are proud to present our first release of barrel aged coffee.

This limited quantity special edition Whiskey barrel aged coffee is a labour of love.

It is a unique coffee experience that we created by aging organic Peruvian coffee beans in freshly emptied Whiskey barrels from local Two Brewers distillery.

The labour intensive aging process that takes 8+ weeks, marries the flavours of vanilla, caramel, oak and coffee.

Artisan roasted in small batches using our wood-fired roaster, these beans are roasted to full-city to bring out the best of flavours. During the roasting process, all alcohol is evaporated but all aromas are preserved. 

This is not your morning coffee, it is a coffee experience.

Whether you enjoy this experience with friends, family, after dinner or fireside, it's a cup of conversation that brings people together.

Due to high demand, we have made this -one of a kind coffee- available for pre-order so you can ensure to have some when we release it by the end of the month.


Contains: 9oz of fresh roasted, whole bean, barrel aged coffee.

Please be aware that due to degassing of the beans after bottling, contents may be under pressure. please be aware of this when opening the bottle  (don't hold your nose above it ;-)),  it adds to the festive experience!