About us

View from our roasteryImage by Manu Keggenhoff Photography


About the roastery: 

More than a century ago, a gold rush put Atlin on the map. Now this remote, beautiful town in northern British Columbia is experiencing a new resource boom: wood-heat roasted coffee!

Whether you prefer your brew dark, medium, or light, the Atlin Mountain Coffee Roastery proudly offers coffee as wild and full of character as the place it is roasted. No chemicals, pesticides, or blending: just organic, fairly traded, single-origin beans carefully brought to perfection in the Canadian wilderness. Going off-grid has never tasted so good.

Our renewably powered coffee roaster:

As the fire crackles in our custom-built “Ferrari red” coffee roaster, its brick and cast iron materials absorb the wood’s heat and release it slowly, producing an even and consistent roast. Thanks to a double roasting drum, beans are shielded from woodsmoke during this process.

The result is coffee with a rich, velvety palette, more rounded and slightly sweeter than beans roasted by other methods. One sip of wood-heat roasted coffee and you’ll never want anything else.


Our roastery, our personalities:

Roasting coffee with the indirect heat of wood fire reflects us, our passion for excellent coffee, and our love for the outdoors.

There is nothing like spending a day in the boreal forest harvesting firewood, splitting it by hand, and loading it into the firebox of the roaster, where the sun’s compressed energy is released to gently roast Arabica coffee beans to perfection.

Our reward is the product—namely exquisite coffee—but also the process. It’s magic, it’s bliss, and every batch we roast is a joy.

No blending, and a variety of roasts:

We believe in giving you the unique opportunity to experience the distinctive tastes of each coffee region. For this reason, we choose to roast and offer single-origin coffees from Nicaragua, Peru, Colombia, and Ethiopia. 

Our light, medium, and dark roasts are individually taste-tested to ensure the finest quality. Even beans from the same country, in the same lot, taste different depending on how they are roasted. We love exploring the full range of flavours contained in every bean. 

 About us

The Brient family

With origins in France and the Netherlands, Philippe and Leandra Brient have travelled the world by bike, ski, dog sled, and canoe. Adventurous, community-minded, and deeply committed to a respectful relationship with the natural world, they have planted roots in the end-of-the-road town of Atlin, BC. Living in a log home they built themselves, their off-grid property is surrounded by spruce, pine, aspen, and birch, with stunning views of Atlin Lake.     



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