Frequently asked questions:

  • How much wood does your roaster use?

Our roaster uses 2 lbs of locally harvested pine, to roast 22lbs of coffee.

  • How and where you get your firewood?

The wood we use in our roaster, is pine. We use an electric chainsaw (that's charged on our solar system), to harvest dead standing pine, or stormfall pine. Because the roaster takes so little wood (2lbs) to roast a batch (22lbs) of coffee beans, we can sustainable harvest and source the wood needed, on our property. 

  • What grind should I use?

When you order your coffee on our website, you can select your grind. We have included the most common coffee preparations with the appropriate grind selection, to make it easy for you to select the proper grind. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out. 

  • How much power comes from your solar panels

Our solar setup provides 80% of our power needs over the year. During the dark and grey months of November, December and January, we need to run the generator once a week to meet our power needs. 

  • Who is your organic certifier?

We are certified organic by PACS in Vernon. We undergo an organic inspection every year.

  • Where do your beans come from?

Our certified organic coffee beans come from 6 different countries, they are imported to Canada by Canadian coffee importers, and then trucked to us.

Countries where our coffees come from: Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru, Ethiopia, Sumatra.

  • I am getting married soon/Hosting a special event, do you do custom packaging?

Yes, we sure do offer custom packaging, from wedding favours to sample packages that get distributed during tradeshows etc, we have got you covered. Custom labels can be created by you, or by us. Send us an email at plbrient@hotmail.com to see how we can create something for your special occasion. (no minimum order quantity!)

  • Who does your labels?

Our labels are designed by Manu Keggenhoff. The photograpy on the labels is by Manu Keggenhoff. The illustrations on the Moose Crossing and Trailblazer blends are by Cass Collins.

  • Tell me how you support local

We support local by sourcing as much of the products that we use (in our daily lives as well as in our business), as close to home as possible. For example: The design and artwork on our labels is done by fellow Atlinites, The labels are printed in the nearest city, Whitehorse, by Arctic star printing and Willow printers. For the Whisky barrel aged coffee, the corks and bottles are sourced in Southern BC (Bottles from Vernon, Corks from Vancouver), the wax for those bottles is made on Vancouver island by Kingswax. All of our swag gets printed in Whitehorse by Green Screen printing. 

We not only give business to local businesses, we also sponsor many events! We have a dedicated page where you can see all the events we sponsor. If you are hosting an event and are looking for sponsors, let us know, we'd love to be part of it! 

We not only sponsor local events, we also have dedicated fundraiser blends that help raise funds for local societies. Notably the BC Parks foundation, and the Wild Sheep Society of BC. If you are on the board of a society and have a project that can use extra funds, or think your society would benefit from our fundraiser blends, send us an email at plbrient@hotmail.com . 

  • Where do you ship to? 

We can ship anywhere.

Within Canada, we offer free shipping on all orders over $100.

We also have regular subscribers and orders in the USA.