Where to find our coffees

You can find our coffees at these wonderful locations near you:


Independent grocery, Whitehorse

Save on Foods, Whitehorse

Rambles, Whitehorse

Riverside Grocery, Whitehorse

Keraky Store, Whitehorse

Kit's Kitchen, Whitehorse

Cold acre food systems subscription box, Whitehorse

Fireweed Market (May-September), Whitehorse

Johnson's crossing lodge, Johnson's crossing


Red Raven art gallery, Terrace

The Fix café and cyclery, Terrace, BC

Nyce gifts and creations, Gitwinksihlkw

The Rusty Pitchfork, Fraser lake

Woodlands Fishin' resort, Chilanko Forks

Salmon Valley Campground, Prince George

Farmhouse Catering, Prince George

Frontiersmen Gear, Prince George

Myra Canyon bike rentals, Kelowna

Atlin Trading post, Atlin

Food basket, Atlin

Glacierview Cabins, Atlin

Atlin Mountain inn, Atlin

Sincerely Yours, Atlin

Mountain shack café, Atlin

Gold claim café, Atlin



Artizen Café, Frankford Ontario 


Interested in retailing our coffees or serve them hot and fresh in your establishment? Let's get in touch! Send us a message at:  plbrient@hotmail.com