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Atlin Mountain coffee Roasters

Road trip- Organic Peru Dark roast - Bold, Smoky, Caramel

Road trip- Organic Peru Dark roast - Bold, Smoky, Caramel

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Bold and smoky with notes of caramel and chocolate. 

Origin: Peru

Cooperative: Cooperativa agraria frontera san ignacio ltda. 

Altitude: 1000-1800 MASL

Region: Cajamarca.

Process: dry process

This coffee is also called spectacled bear coffee. 

The spectacled bear is an endangered animal that lives in the forest called the 'Chaupe', around which many of our growers have their organic farms. This appreciated bear acts as a pollinator carrying the pollen of several plants in his thick hair. Furthermore, when the bear finds a fruit tree, it often climbs up and rests in the branches, opening spaces in the upper levels of forest and providing the necessary light for germination and growth of species in the low forest. We think that protecting the fauna and flora of this region will support the ecological balance.


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