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Atlin Mountain coffee Roasters

Golden cliffs - a collaboration with the 4 Wheel drive association of BC. Organic Peru Dark roast

Golden cliffs - a collaboration with the 4 Wheel drive association of BC. Organic Peru Dark roast

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Another great collaboration!

For every bag sold, 5% will be donated to the 4 wheel drive association of BC. These funds will help the 4 wheel drive association obtain their goals and objectives such as, but not limited to:

  • To promote recreational activities that involve the off pavement use of four wheel drive vehicles, encourage multiple land use and allow access to the back-country
  • To promote responsible attitudes toward the use of public and private lands
  • To protect our natural resources and the heritage of our land through conservation practices so people may enjoy them for generations to come
  • To encourage land management agencies to develop more areas and trails for multiple uses and to deter land closures
  • To participate in and support civic activities that will benefit the community, and to enhance the public image of recreational four wheeling and it’s enthusiasts
  • To promote cooperation and friendship among four wheel drive clubs and individual four wheel drive owners in the province of British Columbia

click here to find out more about the 4 wheel drive association 


Now, the yummy details! About the coffee:

Bold and smoky with notes of caramel and chocolate. Origin: Peru

Cooperative: Cooperativa agraria frontera san ignacio ltda. 

Altitude: 1000-1800 MASL

Region: Cajamarca.

Process: dry process

This coffee is also called spectacled bear coffee. 

The spectacled bear is an endangered animal that lives in the forest called the 'Chaupe', around which many of our growers have their organic farms. This appreciated bear acts as a pollinator carrying the pollen of several plants in his thick hair. Furthermore, when the bear finds a fruit tree, it often climbs up and rests in the branches, opening spaces in the upper levels of forest and providing the necessary light for germination and growth of species in the low forest. We think that protecting the fauna and flora of this region will support the ecological balance.


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