Ethiopia Sidamo - Medium/Dark single origin blend - atlin-mountain-coffee

Moose Crossing. Ethiopia Sidamo - Medium/Dark single origin blend

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The perfect balance between a medium and dark roast. It gives you the crisp/creaminess of a medium roast, yet a hint of boldness to complete this delectable new single origin blend. 

Ethiopia OCFCU Sidamo Oromia

Region: Oromia region

Altitude: 1550-2200 meters

Harvest time: October-January

Processing: Washed, sun-dried 

Variety: Mixed heirloom varieties


The OCFCU (Oromia Coffee Farmers' Cooperative Union)  was established in 1999 and works exclusively in the state of Oromia, which accounts for more than 65% of Ethiopia's total coffee growing land.

OCFCO has and continues to invest premiums received from roasters and fair trade in over 365 projects focused on education, infrastructure, development, health care, water etc

The people native to this area is the Oromo people and coffee is an integral part of their lifestyle. Oromos have used coffee as food, drink, trade, spiritual nourishment and as a tool for peace-keeping for centuries.