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Unique | Climate consious | competitive pricing.

In the boreal forests of far northern BC, you will find our micro roastery off the grid. Surrounded by pristine forest, lakes and mountains, we aim to roast our coffees in harmony with our surroundings as much as we can. Always looking for ways to reduce our impact, we aim to coffee roasted and prepared in an environmentally friendly way. 

Specialty coffee. Since when we started in 2013, We have been working closely together with our importing partners to source Grade 1 specialty coffees from 5 different origins. We offer Single origin coffees as well as blends. Single origin coffees are a great way to discover the unique characteristics and flavours of specific origins. Blends are a great addition to the menu as certain characteristics that complement each other can be brought forward by doing so. 

Ethically sourced. Choosing coffee trading partners that share the same visions as us allows us to offer you coffees coming from ethical cooperatives around the world such as the women's coffee growers cooperative in Colombia. It is great knowing that our partners are making an effort as well by supporting projects at the coffee origins and in Canada alike. 

Certified organic.  No pesticides, no chemicals, just natural coffee beans. 

Wood-fire roasted. In the middle of the forest, where we are located, we harvest dead standing pines or stormfall to roast our coffees with. Our Trabattoni coffee roaster, made of brick and cast iron, gives us all the controls we need to offer a consistent roast and product while using reneweable energy as a heat source.

Thanks to a double walled roasting drum, beans avoid contact with the smoke of the fire, thus preserving the natural flavours that each origin has to offer.

Solar powered. only 50km from the Yukon border, we live in the land of the midnight sun. It is a sheer pleasure to harness the power of said sun and use it to operate the roaster, scales, grinders etc in the roastery. It has been a long time coming but we have finally installed the solar system in the spring of 2018 and couldn't be happier. 



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