Whether you prefer your brew dark, medium, or light, the Atlin Mountain Coffee Roastery proudly offers coffee as wild and full of character as the place it is roasted. 

No chemicals, pesticides, or blending: just organic, fairly traded, single-origin beans carefully brought to perfection in the Canadian wilderness. 

We love coffee, and we love the outdoors.

The environmental and social ethos of our roastery reflects these values. Our unique wood-fired roaster uses local pine as fuel, harvested sustainably. Since beans roast through radiant heat from the fire, they avoid contact with smoke.

The result? Fresh, artisanal coffee made with ethical beans and renewable energy since 2013. Going off-grid has never tasted so good.


What others have to say:

 "These Folks know what they are doing! " 

"We purchased some of this fine coffee during a recent trip to Whitehorse. Enjoyed my first cup this morning ! 

"I was introduced to your coffee on Saturday night. I grabbed a sample of the Campfire Crackle and LOVE it!"

 "The best coffee you can get in Yukon territory and North BC. I am known for being very picky about the coffee and I want only the one made with love and understanding for the coffee beans. Leandra and Philippe do a great job in the middle of the beautiful Atlin area. I was very honoured that I could see the roasting process with their Ferrari-red wooden-fire roaster. Every cup is an unforgettable experience for me. I can recall when I was sitting on the stairs in front our cabin saying myself "oh my god that coffee is so good" with the beautiful view over the Fish lake. Thank you for making your coffee! (My so far favourite is Columbia Excelso-Bonanza prepared with HarioV60)"

"I love the coffee! I love to see local businesses doing well and you contribute so much to the community also! Keep it up!"

"As soon as I was introduced to Atlin Mountain Coffee, I fell in love. We recently opened up a campground here in Northern BC and were looking for a fabulous northern coffee to add to our cafe and store. This is the best coffee I have tasted and our guests have also fallen in love with this amazing coffee."

"These beans make for a great start to the morning!"

"Atlin mountain coffee roasters West coast espresso blend is truly addicting 🙂... 
well, if you like me, for Europeans it’s hard to get used to single origin espresso beans mostly sold in Canada .. I was missing the crema, richness, syrupy texture...
West Coast Espresso is exceptional blend !! Every morning I drink this, I’m falling in love with it over and over and over .."

"Seriously one of the best espresso blends I tried !!

"Really great coffee with a smooth, rich taste! I am enjoying trying the different blends which all have slightly different flavors. The shipping was fast as well. I'm telling everyone I know about Altin Mountain Coffee!"

"Not only is their coffee FABULOUS (seriously. Moose crossing. AMAZING.) but they are a community oriented and a local initiative... we're so spoiled up here for amazing coffee!"