Your daily grind

Your daily grind

Grinding coffee. Such an important part of enjoying your coffee, yet quite overseen!

The very best way to enjoy your coffee is to grind your beans fresh, just before brewing. Below we'll show you a few grinder options  and explain why we do or do not like them. 

Blade Grinder

First things first: The Blade grinder is a no-no. A blade grinder chops the beans in an insonsistent way. It's better than nothing, but it does not do the beans any justice. Ups: they are cheap.



Burr Grinder

Burr grinders are great. 

They gently grind the beans in a consistent way. 

Ups: Fast and consistent 

Downs: some loss of quality. Due to the heating  of the burrs caused by friction, some of the aroma in the bean is lost. 


Hand Grinder

Yes please! Hand burr grinders are fantastic. 

Ups:You grind slowly, therefore there is not enough friction to heat the burrs, thus you keep the quality of the beans. 

Thanks to a little wheel or bolt You can set them exactly to the "micromilimeter to the grind size you like and it will grind it consistently. 

Grind your coffee while you wait for the water to boil (if you're using a french press) and you have those precious moments where you can think about that delicious coffee you're going to be having as your are smelling the aromas of the coffee you're grinding by the force or your arms. 


Do we need to add they look great and make great family pieces? 

Yes, you may need to spend 140 dollars to buy a good quality grinder, but, it will last a lifetime. 

You will be able to get parts (if you purchase a reputable brand). 

Your children and grandchildren will want to grind your coffee for you, and as they get older they will remember those precious moments.

Downs:Expensive . 

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