What makes Sumatran beans so special

What makes Sumatran beans so special

Coffees from different origins all have their unique characteristics. From the farm to your cup , beans go through a lot of stages that all have an impact on the final product.

Because there is so much to talk about, we're going to focus today on Indonesian beans.

Indonesian (such as our Sumatran) beans have a very distinct flavour of Wood and Spice notes, but why?

It's because of a specific processing method!

There are different ways of processing coffees, Natural Process, Honey process, Washed process and Semi-Washed. (you can read all about processing methods in one of our previous blogs find it here)

One of the unique aspects of coffee production in Indonesia, and the source of Indonesian coffee's deeply divisive taste, is the traditional post harvest processing method called Semi-washed, locally called "Giling basah"; After picking, the coffee is de-pulped (removing of the skin of the cherry) and briefly dried, then hulled (removing the parchment from the beans) and then dried again. 

The semi-washed process has a dramatic effect on the cup quality, it significantly reduces acidity and increases the body, creating a softer, rounder, heavier-bodied cup of coffee. This process also creates your typical Indonesian coffee flavours such as wood, earthy, spice. 

There's some food for thought as you drink your morning cup of coffee.

If you haven't tried our organic Sumatran beans yet, we encourage you to try them! They are very distinct in flavour and you'll be able to tell why they are our bestsellers. We offer Sumatra Mandheling in a Medium roast as our Aurora, and in a dark roast as Campfire crackle. 

Happy sipping!


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