Partnership with BC Parks foundation, helping our local Tarahne park

Partnership with BC Parks foundation, helping our local Tarahne park

In proud partnership with the BC parks foundation we are excited to present to you: our new PARKS BLEND! 
One roast, a collection of 7 labels, Same delicious Full city roast Honduras COMSA (notes of cocoa, caramel and stonefruit). (buy it here)

We are proud to partner on this project with the BC parks foundation. Together, we have created a special blend that will help raise funds for parks in BC, Notably the Tarahne park in Atlin. 
Starting this summer, you can fuel your adventures in BC parks with coffee that helps sustain them: now that's caffeine put to good use!

Tarahne park is a small provincial park located in the heart of Atlin. It is listed as a Class C Park, which makes it a part of BC’s Provincial Parks System. Class C Parks are either managed by a municipality or a board of volunteers, as is the case in Atlin. The sale of this coffee supports future improvements and maintenance of Tarahne Park, which is pivotal to the community’s well-being. Tarahne park is home to the local playground, baseball diamond, camping area and a concession. It is also the home of Atlin’s famous Arts and Music festival. 

The next couple of years the Tarahne park board, will be focusing on installing wheel chair access to the children’s playground and doing safety maintenance on playground equipment.  They also have two outhouses to be repaired.  

Through the Parks blend, we hope to help raise funds for Tarahne park so kids can continue to play safely and the park continues to thrive.

Thank you so much in helping this park in our little community by drinking the Parks blend.

The Parks blend comes with 7 different labels of images taken in Atlin Provincial park. Collect them all! 

Thank you to our dear friend and Atlin Park Ranger Jeanette Deon for initiating this idea. 
Thank you, Manu for your beautiful photography and design work! Label images provided by Manu Keggenhoff 
Thank you Kate Harris for never failing to write the best back label text.

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discover bc parksdiscover bc parks

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