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Traveling is a great way to learn in general. We live in a time where we can fly wherever and whenever we want to. We are so lucky, we can get coffee from all over the world in almost no time. We can try coffee from Central America, South America, Africa and East Asia .Here, At Atlin Mountain Coffee roasters, we offer you coffee from sweet, nutty America, but you can also try our citrusy Ethiopia or a heavier body of Indonesia.

There are thousands of coffee farms around the world. Each country and its regions have specific flavours and characteristics. Altitude has a huge impact on coffee taste and a few dozen meters can make difference..

Difference in characteristics,

Coffees from Africa can be really bright with complex berry/fruit qualities, but also with a touch of sweetness, intense acidity and floral flavours. The most common African coffee regions are Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi. 

Coffees from Central and South America are gentler, sweeter, and have less acidity. Probably this might be a good start to find out what could suit you the most. You can try differences between Peru, Colombia and Nicaragua. Colombian coffees have a huge range of flavours, from heavier, chocolatier coffees through to jammy, sweet, fruity lots. Nicaraguan coffees also have a wide range of flavours, typically quite complex, and capable of pleasing fruit like flavours and clean acidity. Typically Peruvian coffees have been clean, sweet, and relatively heavy bodied.

Asian coffee is not as popular as coffee from America or Africa, mostly because Asia now supplies a significant percentage of commodity-grade coffee and produces mostly Robusta. But you can find some exceptions and coffee you would perhaps like. We have coffee from Sumatra, Indonesian coffee tends to be very heavy bodied, earthy, woody and spicy with very little acidity. 

Coffee can be as diverse as any human being you know. Beans from the same country or region can taste different depending on altitude, farmer’s care, harvesting, processing, roasting, all the way to BREWING.  We are here to experiment, to try and learn the ways  coffee tastes the best and use the whole potential of all the work put in to the beans. 


Written by: Barbora


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