Introducing: Whisky barrel aged coffee

Are you ready to hear the news? It's an exciting day today! After a month of 'oak barrel rolling' we're finally sample-roasting our first whisky barrel aged coffee beans. 

This journey started over a month ago. We can tell you a beautiful story about how we were sipping whisky by the bonfire while out on adventure and this great thought came to mind, but no. let's be real. Always looking for new things,  we were looking for something different, thinking hard about creating a coffee experience that is new, that arouses the taste buds and that warms the soul. When the thought of aging coffee beans in Whiskey barrels came across our minds we immediately jumped for the idea. Thankfully, the local distillery Two Brewers was just as excited about the idea as we were and they lent us their freshly emptied Whiskey barrels for aging coffee beans. By the end of August, the barrels, still dripping wet with whisky, were filled with precious organic coffee beans. Ready for a whiskey barrel aging adventure.

Coffee beans are porous and absorb aromas from their surroundings. The barrels that they are aging in have been used once for aging Bourbon, and again for aging local Whiskey from Two Brewers. The smells and aromas are rich and promising. Green coffee beans also like a certain humidity percentage. it is thus under our watchful eye that daily, the drums are rolled and then checked for even absorption and correct humidity level. It has been 4 weeks. the beans have absorbed a lot of flavours and aromas and things look very promising. The beans will be aged for a total of 8 weeks to get the most out of the aging process.

Most of you who have found out about this project have been as excited as we are. Keep a close eye on our facebook and instagram pages as pre-ordering will become available soon. We only have a limited number of beans available and they will go first come first serve basis. 

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