If you like it cold and fizzy, check out our new eco-fridge.

If you like it cold and fizzy, check out our new eco-fridge.
We live in a place where 8 months out of the year the temperatures are cool. So why, in the north, do we use so much energy to cool down our refrigerator that's inside our heated house? Sure on our solar power set up we produce more power than we need in the summer, but not so much during the short grey days of winter.
Philippe created a system that allows our house fridge to use outdoor fresh, cool air for refrigeration.
For about seven to eight months of the year, the fridge works with only 10% of the energy normally required by the buit in compressor.
He has selected a highly efficient and super quiet DC motor for the 4" inline fan with an impressive air flow (CFM) .
The system is controlled by an intelligent fully programmable controller to adjust fridge temperature, fan speed, high and low temperature alarm, timer and is fully automatic once set up.
Philippe cut a 4" air intake for the fan on the top the fridge and a 2"air outlet at the bottom. The refrigerator's built in compressor is still fully functional for use in warm weather and turns on automatically when necessary.

This is the second eco-fridge system that Philippe has built, and it may not be the last 
For details on what Philippe used to transform our fridge into an eco-fridge, shoot us a message. We're happy to share.

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