Coffee love letter

Coffee love letter


Coffee... Can you imagine a life without this magical beverage? There is something extraordinary about coffee and it works on my curiosity like a magnet. People have been drinking coffee for centuries and I bet you love your morning coffee, your coffee with friends and family, or your coffee after work just sitting on a porch with beautiful views and the special moment of peacefulness. But have you ever thought about its journey into your cup? It is a long one with a lot of care, time, love, science and creativity. And as I believe in honest business and careful work I would love to share some stories with you. 

In these few upcoming months I will introduce you to the whole process of how coffee comes from the ground to your cup, where it grows and how that influences the taste of coffee, how coffee is harvested, processed, roasted , and the magic of preparation at home or at coffee shops. 

I believe that education, sharing information and learning new stuff brings people together and open up minds and hearts for a better world. 

Post written by: Barbora
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