A community affair

A community affair

Did you know that our coffee is a community affair?! 

We're always striving to find ways to support local businesses, it's ethical, keeps the money in the neighbourhood/town/province and at the same time lowers our fossil fuel imprint.

You'll be happy to know that by Purchasing our locally roasted coffee you indirectly support other local businesses! 

  • The outstanding Photography and design of our labels is done by our neighbour and friend Manu  . 
  • Label text is written by our other Neighbour and adventure companion Kate . 
  • Commerial ads are designed by our friend Holly, who calls the "Atlin Pyramid" her home . 
  • Our labels are printed in Whitehorse. 
  • Our coffee bags are made in Vancouver.
  • Our green beans are directly imported by Canadian importers! 

Buying our exquisite, locally roasted coffee, you indirectly support other local businesses!  Atlin Mountain coffee roasters' Sloko loko at sloko inlet in Atlin, BC Northern BC, Yukon.

(Sloko loko at Sloko inlet on Atlin lake. Atlin BC Image submitted by Kelly Kohlmann)

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